Bhimrao: Ultimate hypocrite & Excellent thief

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Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, a social reformer and father of the Indian Constitution, or was he?

1. Opposed the formation of a Constituent Assembly, deeming it to be unnecessary and dangerous, but eventually went on to become the head of the Drafting Committee and held several other positions in the Constituent Assembly.

2. A reformer who, on one hand, wanted the Scheduled Caste to be treated as a minority and have separate electorates, but on the other hand, was willing to omit the Aboriginal tribes (now Scheduled Tribes) from their “right to Vote” claiming that they lacked mental development and any political sense and would only become an instrument in powerful political hands.

3. The Father of the Indian Constitution admitted being a “hack” who drafted the constitution against his will.

4. He even went to the extent of saying that although he made the Constitution, he was ready to burn it because it didn’t suit anybody.

Source: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar- The Man and His Message: A Commemorative Volume

5. Admitted that half of the Draft Constitution was taken from the Constitutions of other countries saying that anything new was impossible to frame, and a major portion of the remaining half was copied from the GOI Act of 1935 because why not?

Source: Constituent Assembly Uncorrected Debate

6. Gives Hinduphobic analogy to justify his previous words ‘I would burn the constitution’. He goes on by citing legend from several religious texts like the Sathapatha Brahmana, quite a hypocritical move from a man who openly burnt Manu Smriti. 

7. Openly body-shamed several female parliamentarians. Don’t think these statements and that too from a person of his “stature” would have been ignored so easily today as it was ignored back then.

8. He thought that independent India would be one of the greatest disasters that could happen.

Source: India: The Transfer of Power, 1942-47, Vol. 07 [The cabinet mission plan]

9. If he was unwilling to “write” a constitution or was even unwilling for having a constituent assembly, why did he “against his will”?

10. Father of Indian constitution. A father who wanted to burn his child, but wait, it was not his child and was borrowed from others. But wait, he didn’t want a child in the first place. 

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11 replies on “Bhimrao: Ultimate hypocrite & Excellent thief”

Copied hahah..if something already well established and well experimented and u take inspiration from them is good , ( stop using tech/ gadgets ,if you)
Denied to be part of constituent assembly and then he not only accept but being head ( find someone else if u can) i thing u have to do much more research.
In British power lower class got some opportunities for study and self development.
Telling hypocrite 🙄 may be u can,but at least read biography

Dear Anurag,
1. Taking ‘inspiration’ from “well established and experimented” is still called copying. Nevertheless, we have put forward the complete statement where Bhimrao has justified his copying.
2. Still don’t understand why should we stop using gadgets that our hard-working fathers have earned without reservation privileges.
3. We can name at least 5 names who could have been a better head of the constituent assembly. Do let us know if you want facts to prove this point.
4. We have not undertaken excruciating pain to read at least 500+ pages of the works of Bhimrao and debates of the constituent assembly only to be challenged by allegations arising from personal sentiments. If a week’s work of research (complete sources cited) isn’t called ‘research’ then please let us know which Whatsapp group should we join?
5. How is it wrong to call Bhimrao a hypocrite when he tagged himself as a ‘hack’?
6. We understand your pain but we would still suggest that you should work on your grammar because reservations won’t do you any good in improving it. Thank you and regards.
– Team Sanely Written

The reservation policy by him is filled with flaws. I see many people who belong to very rich background but still use their reservation. The biggest example is Tina Dabi.

Every time if ee talk about baba sahab alway we have a debate on reservation hahaa..this is one of his great work.

Now you can see in IT sector there has special quotas for girls no matter what ever there background rich or poor…

yes tina has good economic condition.
But its not only about money its also about voice, diversity, thoughts , equal opportunities, social status of community.

I think you are aware about ews quota too. Don’t need to talk more i suppose.

Jai bhim jai bharat.

Your points are true, but just one side of the story, It’s sensationalism.
That’s the problem, people read grammar and think that they have attained the highest level of intelligence

Dear Abhay,

1. We are proud to present just one side of the story, one that most media outlets chose not to show for decades. So you are free to call it sensationalism but we prefer to call it ‘fact-hunting’.
2. Our tagline is “We write what you need to read”, so when we see criminals like Bhimrao who pretended to be against the idea of temples being worshipped in their own temples by ill-wits, we were forced to show the other side of it.
3. We never believe in a language being an indicator of intelligence but at the same time we strongly suggest that people should communicate in a language they are most comfortable with.
4. Once again, we understand your pain but if half-baked intellectuals are going to press their ill-found claims in the worst of grammar, it becomes our duty to point it out. As for you, people don’t ‘read grammar’ as it’s a skill.
5. Please find our blog on UCC where we have given credit to Ambedkar for his support of UCC. Sensationalism? Kindly come up with more fancy terms but a whole lot of facts to back it. Thanks and regards.

– Team Sanely Written

कबीरा कुंआ एक हैं पानी भरैं अनेक।
बर्तन में ही भेद है, पानी सबमें एक।।
If u know u know.

Iam second generation of my family who got opportunity to study.
Still my mother is uneducated iam helping her so that she can at least read any write.
And my father study very hard with all partiality, poverty , bad social status.
And yes reservations help him to get job.

Social status matters.

Hahaa you understand the pain, nice

Yes iam grammatical incorrect thanks

I just loved the freedom of speech.

Now i can understand your pain🤣😂🤣
The great baba sahab do the amazing job. He is like god for me born on earth fight for rights of people.
Jai bhim jai bharat.

Dm me we can talk more if you want

Dear Anurag,

1. It’s heart-fulfilling that your parents despite facing the hardships overcame them and raised an educated son.
2. It’s undeniable that people have faced hardships in the past but just because a group of men were denied fetching water from the well by another group of men, it’s absurd that the former’s entire future generation gets entitled to get benefits till the end of the world. Caste-based discrimination is equally rampant in all castes.
3. Do you know that your so-called great Baba Saheb who is apparently a God to you, didn’t believe in God? Not sure about other religions but definitely about Sanatan Dharma.
4. Since I personally know you are a Bhakt of Mahadev, I fail to grasp how can your ‘God’ deny the existence of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh [Source], and yet is adored by you. I am forced to infer that for you, this so-called Saheb > Mahadev.
5. We, at Sanely Written, will never ask anyone to change their ideals but we will damn sure not cease to assert ours. And for us, Bhimrao was a third-rate, mentally retarted, hinduphobic thief, who knew nothing but instilling hate against Hindus.

Team Sanely Written

For me there are two terms

1.Parmeshwar : source of life, which i termed as Mahadev( bhramh as per Hinduism , well i know about trinity concept) other religion uses different names.

2. Bhagwan is in the form of human beings, for me it can be anyone who do extraordinary work for lives.

this definition may be wrong as per other prospective.

So comparing baba sahab with mahadev is illogical.

And both are just a belief system.
its depends on each and every individual.

Also its ok,yes its absolutely fine to be atheist as baba sahab was.

Hum Ne Be-Parda Tujhe Ae Mah-Jabeen Dekh Liya , i see him
( don’t know how many more parda you need to remove, to see true form of (again i will say) the great baba sahab).

I think this may be my last comment.

I will read more about him and try to think in different angle( well i have already did it before, but yes i will try again.)

Much appreciated team sanely for quick reply.

Jai bhim jai bharat.

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