ONDC: Revolutionising Indian Digital Commerce

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In the fast-paced digital era, e-commerce has transformed the way we buy and sell goods and services. However, the current platform-centric nature of e-commerce in India has posed several challenges, limiting the accessibility and inclusivity of the digital commerce ecosystem. Recognising these shortcomings, the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) emerges as a promising initiative set to revolutionise the Indian market. By promoting open networks and embracing open protocols, ONDC aims to transform the way we exchange goods and services digitally. In this Weecognition, we will explore the concept of ONDC and its potential to reshape the Indian digital commerce ecosystem.

Understanding ONDC:

ONDC is an ambitious initiative that promotes open networks for the exchange of goods and services over digital platforms. It is built on open protocols, ensuring interoperability and fostering a level playing field for all stakeholders. These open protocols, similar to those powering internet communication and UPI payments, enable the development of an open digital infrastructure comprising registries and network gateways. Unlike the current platform-centric model, ONDC empowers businesses and consumers to use any compatible application of their choice, breaking the barriers of platform dependency.

Benefits for Small Businesses:

ONDC’s standardised operations encompass cataloguing, inventory management, order management, and order fulfilment. By embracing any ONDC-compatible application, small businesses gain the freedom to operate beyond specific platform-centric policies. This newfound flexibility offers multiple options for small businesses to be discovered and conduct business, thus fostering their growth and expanding their digital presence. Furthermore, ONDC paves the way for the easy adoption of digital means by businesses that are currently not part of the digital commerce network.

Enhancing Consumer Experience:

ONDC aims to enhance the consumer experience by making e-commerce more inclusive and accessible. With ONDC, consumers gain the freedom to discover sellers, products, and services through any compatible application or platform. This freedom of choice empowers consumers to match demand with the nearest available supply, supporting local businesses and fostering economic growth. Standardised operations, improved logistics efficiencies, and value enhancement for consumers contribute to an overall positive consumer experience.

Addressing Critical Gaps in the Digital Commerce Ecosystem:

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical shortcomings of the Indian digital commerce ecosystem, with various parts of the retail chain found to be digitally absent. Additionally, the current platform-centric nature of e-commerce poses obstacles to achieving population-scale adoption. ONDC addresses these gaps by introducing an open network where all players, including shopping platforms, sellers, logistics partners, and technology service providers, can participate. No single entity controls end-to-end activities, ensuring a more inclusive and dynamic ecosystem.

Driving Economic Growth:

The potential impact of ONDC extends beyond individual businesses. By amplifying geographic and socio-economic coverage, ONDC expands the digital commerce landscape in India, creating opportunities for economic development and livelihood creation across the value chain. It facilitates increased trade of locally manufactured goods, thereby supporting and multiplying investments in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Additionally, ONDC reduces overhead costs and streamlines operations, making it easier for businesses to access finance options and thrive in the digital era.


The advent of ONDC heralds a new era for Indian digital commerce, promoting openness, inclusivity, and accessibility. By leveraging open protocols and a unified network, ONDC empowers businesses and consumers alike, fostering innovation, competition, and economic growth. As the digital commerce landscape expands, ONDC stands as a driving force in unlocking the full potential of India’s digital economy.


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