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We are on the precipice of this amazing hike. But before we dive down, we need a leap of faith, an exhalation of fear, and an inhalation of hope. Materials of race and colour are all over the internet. But, this is something deep. This stands out of the petty movements or charming hashtags. The very subject of this piece rides along the travel of self-exploration, despising oneself in the first half and accepting in the other half.

Mata Mahagauri gives an important message to all those who like to play the growth game. Here is all that you should know about Mata Mahagauri –

• Mahagauri is made up of two words, Maha that means Great & Gauri that means white. Thus, Mata Mahaguri is the epitome of beauty.

• Mata adorns herself in dazzling white clothes and ornaments. She has four arms, carrying a trident and tambourine in two arms, and the other two arms being in Abhaya & Varada mudra. Mata rides a bull and controls the planet Rahu.

• Shumbha and Nishumbha were given the boon that they couldn’t be killed by any man, demon, animal or child. They could only be killed, either by  Mata Parvati or her progeny. So, Lord Shiva turned Mata Parvati’s skin to black.

• She, at first, despised her colour and went on to worship Brahma for a long time to regain her fair complexion. Brahma listened to her prayers and advised her to take a bath at Mansarovar lake in the Himalayas. Mata heeded the advice and bathed in the lake and eventually, her black skin disunited. The separated skin of Mata turned to Mata Kaushiki, who was black in colour. Mata Parvati, on the other hand obtained her glowing white skin, one she craved to regain. This form of Mata came to be known as Mahagauri. But, that’s not it. Mata realised that it was all worthless because, she still had a job of putting down Shumbha and Nishumbha. Therefore, Mata Parvati swapped the skin with Mata Kaushiki and became Chandi (Mata who created Mata Kaalratri) and Mata Kaushiki got white complexion. Mata Kaushiki, with the aid of Mata Chandi and Mata Kaalratri killed Shumbha and Nishumbha.

• Another version of the story tells that Mata Brahmacharini, along her course of penance to obtain Shiva got a black complexion due to austere self-mortification. After Shiva agreed to marry her, he bathed Mata in the water of Ganga flowing out of his locks. Mata, after bathing came out as extremely white and beautiful and thus came to be known as Mahagauri.

• Since Mata Mahagauri is extremely loved by Shiva, both because of her beauty and behaviour, all the maidens worship Mata Mahagauri to acquire the same virtue.

• Mata Mahagauri personifies the moon, jasmine and conch. She is referred as Shwetambardhara(lady who wears only white) in many texts.

• Mata Mahagauri’s story is about materialistic persuasion that ends with self-realisation. Her selfless act of swapping her complexion with Mata Kaushiki for which she toiled day and night busts all the stereotypes that beauty has anything to do with colour. Thus, Mata is worshipped by the seekers of salvation.

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